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We endeavor to create new efforts, or reimagine the events of a traditional school year, and turn them into measures that will enhance the lives of those involved.  This helps CMS showcase the amazing works that occur in our district to the community in an engaging fashion.

Virtual Graduations

Commencement Ceremonies

We filmed and edited 31 individual virtual graduation presentations, consisting of graphics, drone footage, speeches, slates of each graduate and an outro slideshow.  The ceremonies were presented live and moderated by the team.

CMS TV Live Feed

Each virtual ceremony was presented on CMS TV online and on Spectrum and Google Fiber cable television.  The CMS Live Feed alone had over 20,000 views.

Supplemental Content

Additional pieces were placed in the virtual graduation playlist in order to add static content to each ceremony.

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COVID-19 Response

Student Portal

In order to continue educating students while they were home from school, we reconfigured the Student Portal to provide Remote Supplemental Learning in collaboration with the Academics Department.

Superintendent Messaging

Continual messaging was shared from Superintendent Earnest Winston regarding the latest news and updates pertaining to CMS in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Media Briefings

To make the vast amount of information more accessible and digestible for families, our team filmed and shares press conferences in full and in segments across social media and CMS TV.

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Read With Me

Pre-K Stories at Home

In collaboration with the Pre-K Department and Academics, our team produced content that parents could share with their little ones at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Leer Conmigo

This content was also produced in Spanish to better serve our EL population.

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Read With Me

Back to School

CMS GO Back to School

Instead of a traditional countdown, we created an interactive parody photo called "CMS GO Back to School." This used popular Pokemon characters as puns to show parents and students items of consideration to prepare to head back to school.

Back to School Adventures

To prepare for the first day of school, the superintendent visited Selwyn Elementary School to help them prepare.  During Part One, Dr. Wilcox, Laura Francisco and Earnest Winston assisted the principal with organizing pallets of school supplies.  In the second part, they assist our 2014 Teacher of the Year, Ms. Shockley!

First Day of School Updates

Throughout the first day of school, we brought the social media community updates on how students were enjoying their first day.  We made stops all over the county and even caught up with Dr. Wilcox at Dorothy J. Vaughan Academy!

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First Day

Bond Information

Your Bond Dollars at Work

To showcase exactly where and how monies from the bond request will be utilized, we created a short video to illustrate "Your Bond Dollars at Work."

Throwback Thursdays

in an effort to exhibit just why bond monies are so important, we are taking advantage of the hashtag #TBT to showcase how every day is Throwback Thursday for many of our kids.

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North Star Reading Partners

Promotional Video

This piece captures the spirit of the North Star Reading Program, by showing how it impacts the volunteers, the students and their parents.  This short clip was used interdepartmentally and broadly to encourage participation.

Team Involvement

The majority of the Communications Department, and each member of the Communications Technology team, participated in the North Star Reading Program, mentoring multiple children each.  Every week, we met our adorable mentees at Crown Point Elementary!

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Teacher of the Year

School Level Gallery

We were able to attain a photograph from each of the 168 school level Teacher of the Year winners.  We created a template to show off each teacher's name and school, then added them to a Facebook gallery a handful at a time each day to promote each teacher's achievement via social media.  The love that was shown for each teacher was spectacular to see! Click the button to view the gallery

Learning Community Surprises

As each of the Learning Community level Teacher of the Year winners were announced, we were there to capture the magic moment.  It was fantastic to see the lovely smiles on everyone's faces and see the support of the entire school community.

Finalist Profiles

Our team went out to each of the finalists schools to catch them in action and learn more about what motivates them to teach.  They range from dreaming of teaching as child to leaving professional careers to move into education.  They are testaments to the 9200 colleagues that they represent.

Teacher of the Year Winner

On site and online, we covered the event, streaming it live and created graphics to share the news via social media at the moment of the announcement.  This instant was then posted to CMS social, and each of the winner's related posts to let her school and family see the news firsthand.

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Senior Stories

A Video for Each High School

Although we try to highlight a senior from each graduating class, we have decided not to wait until graduation season this year.  Each week, we've featured a new 12th grader in order to exhibit the great work coming from each of our high schools and encourage other students in our system.

Senior Webpage

As each week passes, and a new graduate is posted, we created a space that can easily be accessed to meet seniors from weeks gone by. It's also a place that will live long after the school year, should graduates want to share it on their college, employee or award applications.

Senior Walks

Rocky River High School's Class of 2017 walked the stage today, but before doing so they walked the halls of Clear Creek Elementary. Several of our high schools visited their elementary and middle feeders wearing their caps and gowns to inspire their younger peers and encourage them to do well in school.

Social Media Support

To support each senior that we showcase, their stories are featured across our social media platforms and on the homepage of the CMS website.  We also use these platforms, and the hashtag #CMSco17 to promote remarkable graduates that we were not able to cover for a separate senior story video.

Oh, The Places They'll Go!

We do not produce widgets, we produce career and college ready students.  This is our end-of-year piece celebrating the various paths that our graduates will venture upon.

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Senior Stories

Student Assignment Support

Phase II Live Streams

Our team met the challenge of live streaming 24 different Information Sessions at different locations across the county over the course of 6 days.  One evening, we had seven sessions running simultaneously!  It was a massive effort, but goes a long way in engendering trust and transparency with our community during a tumultuous process.

Superintendent Interviews

After the announcement of Superintendent Ann Clark's student assignment recommendations, but before the first information sessions, we filmed a short series of videos to help mitigate questions that may arise.  We also held three live stream Q&A sessions to answer as many concerns as possible before the town meetings began.

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Student Assignment

American Education Week

Thank You Notes

We put out a form via social media to encourage community members to thank staff members throughout American Education Week.  We received 1643 responses to teachers, administrators, custodians… everyone.  These responses were then made into physical cards that were delivered to staff members all across the district.

Progressive Banner

Traditionally, each Day of American Education Week commemorates a different set of staff members.  We took a different spin on this by focusing from the inside of the classroom out.  This was exhibited by a hand drawn banner series that was added to daily to give recommendations for who to thank that day in person or with one a personalized card.

Social Media Support

Not only were the Thank You Notes pushed through social, but the entire week was resplendent with messages of appreciation, local news stories and daily interviews of our various staff members.  We created the hashtag #CMSAEW16 to allow everyone to follow along with the action.

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Snow Day Quiz Show

Whenever school is canceled for snow, we have a snow day quiz show on Twitter called #CMSsnowEd where we ask a fun, genre-diverse, and challenging question every hour.  We did not expect much participation, but wanted to encourage learning, even when school was out.  To our amazement, this program is now highly anticipated at the first signs of snow.

#CMSwag Ads

Sometime over the years, students deemed the CMS logo embossed trinkets that we give away for prizes as #CMSwag.  We decided to make commercials for them and promoted them to incentive kids to participate in #CMSnowEd.  It's amazing to get reminders that a child hasn't received their pencils yet.

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Teacher Appreciation

Teacher Appreciation Week

Steal This Banner

We designed several types of banners and posts with a uniform theme for Teacher Appreciation Week.  We posted the graphics to our social media feeds and encouraged everyone to steal the images to use as their own banners, profile photos, cover photos and in messages and posts.

Daily Thank You Videos

Each day, a new video would post to our website, social media and internal avenues of various groups thanking our teachers.  Our amazing educators received praise from Superintendent Ann Clark, the CMS Board of Education, the Charlotte Hornets and more!

Social Media Support

Not only were the Thank You Notes pushed through social, but the entire week was resplendent with messages of appreciation, local news stories and daily interviews of our various staff members.  We created the hashtag #CMSTAW2017 to allow everyone to follow along with the action.  It also gave us an opportunity to show off some of the cards that were created.

Duke Energy Building

We worked with Wells Fargo to have the Duke Energy Building lit in red during Teacher Appreciation Week.  This was posted to theirs and our social media and received a lovely response.  Others noted that they'd seen it or left very nice comments on our post about the gesture.

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Career Development Coordinators

We followed a day in the life of a CMS Career Development Coordinator during a very special time of year when students are coming to them to sign up for college courses that they can take while still in high school.

Transportation Department

We won a NCSPRA Blue Ribbon award for this project.  For the first part of the day, we got to ride along with a CMS Bus Driver as she ran her routes.  That afternoon, we were able to show our community the operations side of Transportation, including a trip to the mechanics!

Child Nutrition

We all know that our cafeteria staff work hard to feed kids during the school year, but what about during the summer?  We follow The Child Nutrition Department's Margaret Cameron around to show summer feeding sites: schools that are open for breakfast and lunch.  We also got to board the mobile lunch bus, which travels to low-income communities to provide free lunch for children all summer!

Teacher Assistants

Thanks to Donna Casey, CMS Teacher Assistant of the Year at the time, we were able to be a TA For a Day to highlight just how much these amazing educators do.  We showed how much is done to advance literacy outside the classroom, and how TAs like Donna interact with students and teachers to ensure the success of each child. Furthermore, this was done at a pivotal time when TA positions were under fire.  We believe this effort helped in showcasing their importance.

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Career Development

Career Development

Career Path Survey

We worked closely with our Career Development Coordinators to develop a survey that would allow us to determine the most popular career paths in CMS.  We received over 4,000 responses!  We then used the students' top five selections to find professionals in each field to interview about what it will take to traverse that path.

Interviews of Professionals

We received over 4,000 responses to our survey asking for the most popular career paths in CMS.  We then used the students' top five selections to find professionals in each field to interview about what it will take to traverse that path.  These were a mix of interactive live streams and student interviews.

#MeetCMS: CDCs

We followed a day in the life of a CMS Career Development Coordinator during a very special time of year when students are coming to them to sign up for college courses that they can take while still in high school.

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Summer Program

This is another NCSPRA award-winning program.  For seven weeks during the summer, we provided fun assignments, reading suggestions and weekly events for subjects that participants chose upon signing up for #CMSummer.  We aggregated the students' selections to come up with a curriculum and students earned points for successfully submitting assignments.  You'll really just have to visit the page and see for yourself!

Virtual Field Trips

Each week, we would take our followers on a virtual field trip to dive deeper into the subject of the week.  For instance, for History Week, we did a live-streamed tour of the Charlotte Museum of History.  For Science Week, we got a special lesson from Discovery Place.  It was just incredible.

Math Around Town

Each week, students could earn points for completing a mission related to that week's subject.  Our favorite was Math Week, we went on an adventure all around uptown Charlotte to solve a math riddle that's on a plaque outside of 7th Street Station.  We also gave students a mission to see how much you could do in Uptown with just $20 and proceeded to visit many math related locations.

#CMSummer Chats

We held a Twitter chat at the end of each week to see how the students followed the chosen subject and to give more opportunities for points.  These consisted of challenging quiz-style questions and also opinion inquiries.  It was a splendid way to wrap up each week.

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